Translation Tool

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Jonathan Purdom
10 Feb 2016

Translations and Localisation of an application is important when it is used in different countries. At Notifier they had a product portfolio of projects and applications that spanned over 15 years. The panel software and PC Tools had all been translated into the language of the markets they had sold.

However the translations were in a source control by project in separate resource files across different files and folders. This meant every new label or piece of text would need translating it was used in a new project.

I wrote a tool called Read Resource Files which scans files and folders for .resx files and .h files looking for string values. The tool then creates an XML list which shows all the translations found for that string. Using the culture and name of the constants \ resource keys I am able to show what has be translated before.

This allows the developer to use an existing translationin a new project without requiring further translation. The user can also output the strings to the clipboard or to google translate for a quick way to see what it says in another language.

The Project is written using the MVVM pattern using Windows Presentation Foundation and C#.

Read Resource Files Screenshot