Service Desk Helper

Service Desk
Jonathan Purdom
10 Feb 2016

This was the first project that I created using C#.Net. I identified a need to create a tool to streamline the workload of the developers as the business required the developers to manually change records in the database as the software could not. The Service Desk Helper tool I developed meant that an expert was no longer required to manage the day to day service desk request

  • The first release covered the top 10 service desk requests, the latest release covered 100 common service desk requests that the business required.
  • The time it took to complete a service desk request manually was between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the complexity. With the tool it brought the time down to between 1 and 5 minutes respectively.
  • A Project manager estimated that in the first year the tool saved over £50,000 in time and project costs.
  • In four years the tool was used to complete over 400,000 service desk requests.
  • The tool was a personal project but then became the standard operating procedure after I presented the tool to the department.