Service Desk Helper

10 February 2016, Jonathan Purdom

At a finance company the Developers were required to spend 25% to 35% of their time manually changing database records in the database for the operations team. I saw identified a way to automate this process and created Service Desk Helper Tool.

  • Saved company over £50,000 in the first year
  • Handled over 400,000 requests in four years
  • Became standard operating procedure

Different Languages

Translation Tool

10 February 2016, Jonathan Purdom

The company had a range of applications that had been translated into various languages. Each translation was stored in source control as a project resource file with every new project requiring new translations. I developed a tool to make this process more efficient:

  • Scan C++ and C# Resource Files
  • Previous Translations could be extracted from previous Project
  • Reduce the cost of translations by finding reuse