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As a developer you should code what is interesting and automate repetitive tasks. Find tutorials and scripts developed by me using C# to automate tasks such as: SQL Table Creation, JsonLd Markup, Scrape websites and more.

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Latest Code Articles

ASP.NET Core Create a custom TagHelper

Create a custom tag helper to use in ASP.NET Core Razor Pages to create an html encoded mail to link. This article covers the creation of the tag helper as well as how to output the rendered output to the console read article

C# Code Generation

Log Calling Method with C#

A common task when writing an application is to capture diagnostics and logging information. One of the pieces of information to capture is the method name that is being logged read article

C#, Techniques

New Music Friday with Html Agility Pack

New Music Friday is a great day of the week when new albums are released by many artists. The best site I have found for new releases is Album of the Year. This article shows how to scrape the site for the new releases using HTML Agility Pack and XPath read article

C#, For Fun

Create Visual Studio Code Snippet

Code Snippets in Visual Studio allow a developer to be more productive by templating code. For instance class properties and constructors. This script will create a custom code snippet that you can install in Visual Studio read article

C#, Script

Create structured markup with JSON-LD

Structured data markup enables search engines and web crawlers to understand the data in your web pages. This article shows how to create JSO-LD markup for your website dynamically. read article

C# Code Generation

Analyst Developer

22 years development experience, designing and integrating sytems. Experienced in .Net Development and have worked in the following technologies: ASP.Net and Core, Windows Presentation Foundation, Winforms. Roles include Developer to Support to Customer Facing. read article


This tool bringzs out an individuals top five strengths from a list of thirty four. It then suggests ways of working, how to use them effectively and how to communicate with other team members read article


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